Hi, my name is Andrik Sim and we may have never met and may never will, but i want you to know i love you. Despite never having met you, I love you. I love you because you are reading this. I love you because you are a real, important, wonderfully beautiful person with infinite power and love within you. I love you because through your light and love many, many beings around you are healed. And simply because you exist in this world, at this time. I love you for being genuinely you. Thank you dear one.


I do have a silly notion, i believe, quite stubbornly, that my purpose here on Earth is to expand a little more love and kindness to the world. Here we’ll both get to see how I stumble, fall, get disheartened, get back up, heal, grow and inevitably Life happens and I stumble again. This is the only way we grow. Through all the good and all the bad.


The purpose of this site is a hope that through my own humanness and Life experiences that you can gain something, however miniscule from it.


I wish for goodness and kindness to surround you, always.

Let us be unabashedly human. There’s nothing more beautiful, nothing more liberating.



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