I just want you to know, you are precious. You are beyond precious, actually. You are so unique is existence that there is no one like you, no one able to fully do the things you can do. You are so important in so many unspoken hearts that sometimes it may feel like you are quite alone in the world. I just want you to know, that whoever you are, whatever you feel and have done, you are loved. I love you. We love you. We are Earth and all her inhabitants. We  are the stars combined and the milky way united. You are so connected to all of us that it is difficult to imagine you as separate, as much as a part of you may feel that way from time to time. We want you to take your time.

Take your time with yourself, take your time with your heart that is making a courageous effort to stay open in a world that can sometimes be so very harsh. Take your time with the people around you, with your beloved and your emotional assailants. Take your time to be with all of your emotions, the storm and calm ocean both residing in you. Take your time to pick up the chipped off, broken and shattered pieces of your tender heart. Take your time with your feelings of ‘not enough-ness’. Take your time to feel through it into enough-ness. Take your time to scratch the itch on your back, to rub the dryness at the corner of your eye and to wipe the sweat breaking out of your forehead. Take your time to stand up off your chair, take your time to adjust and turn your hips to walk in different directions.

Take your time with love, anger, pain, jealousy, guilt and strength. Take your time to come to know each and every one of them intimately, till the extent when they surface, it is but old familiar friends. Take your time to soften the walls you’ve barricaded around your sparkling self, your heart filled with timeless wisdom and your illuminating soul. Take your time to build a new kind of wall, a wall-less wall that has an intuitive, gentle, kind gate-raising and welcoming all who swear to protect your heart as well as you do. Take your time with finding your life’s path. Take your time with discovering what it is, that you’re good at doing that would arise within you a sense of contentment.

Take your time with the heart of your beloved for within your words and actions holds either swords or fairy dusts toward her kindred spirit. Take your time to feel so very deeply into every crook and cranny of your beloved’s inner universe. Take your time to be acquainted with the parts within her that she would rather not possess. Take your time to befriend those skeletons so that she may, someday come to do the same for herself. Take your time to trace your fingers around your beloved’s cracks, seen and unseen; introducing heart glues that would reconnect and seal those scars. Take your time to help your beloved acknowledge and see that she deserves every bit of good in the universe and for her to adorn the golden robe of beauty for who she is. Take your time to trace every curve and edge on her, such that she may come to own her body and wear it like it’s made of luminescent pearls.

Take your time with all that would come your way, for if it wasn’t meant for you specifically, it would not be here. Take your time with your knees when it’s down and your fists, bruised from pounding the cold hard floor. Take your time to rise, just like you always do, with or without supporting hands around. Take your time to raise your chin and brace for the sunlight, for after every rain comes the sun, after every storm comes the calm. Take your time with this universe, this world, this planet, this Life of yours-for it is sacred and special.

Take your time to love yourself, every day, every moment in every breath you decide to take. Take your time to say “I love myself” and “I love you”. Because, we love you more than words could convey. Thank you.