3 Writings that mirrors something that every human being will go through once

I wonder (Poem about existential crisis)

Dark night, trapped in a room
Flickering light, piercing in the eyes
Raspy throat, fumbling to my feet
Dusting off my worn out shirt

Chest out, head held high
Eyes front, shoulders broad at ease
Stepping off, to the light at the end
Panoramic view opens wide to the Earth

Shreds of uncertainty lingers on
But I look at the hope arising
I question “Am I worth it?”
I wonder “Am I good enough?”

Silence quakes, surrounded by an empty oasis
Burning sun, tearing down at me
Chaotic mind, unsettled like wandering waves
Blue’s clue, childhood games
All a passing fade
And i wonder and wonder still.


Love, love and light
The moon and the stars
Trying to get my heart
But I’m not seeing
I’m not hearing

Fumbling on my path
I feel so lost
Trying to be okay
But i’m not feeling
I’m not healing

Tears in my eyes
Knives in my heart
Trying to look away
But i’m not honest
With what’s going on

Falling to my knees
Hands on my heart
I’m weeping again
And praying “Love come get me”
Come take my home

I’m so lonely
I’m so sorry
Trying to repent
I hear you call
Voice of an angel

My eyes are clearing
My soul is lifting
Trying to see you
But it’s blinding light
I feel the joy

Coming back to me
I see it all
Love that’s in my heart
Was never gone
I feel the All
I hear the call
I know the All.

Is there an end?

Is there an end to it all
Is there a golden throne
Does the red carpet roll
Do the carriages come

Jumping over the castle walls
Swimming through the lake of All
Passing over the bridge of trials
Here I stand before the All

Holy Father i beseech you
Sacred Mother I honor you
In the land of the All
Here I am alas

Hopes and dreams
And fears and cries
Disappearing into Now

Hopes and dreams
And fears and cries
Echoing to beyond