Talking to a dear friend about soul mates and i came to this:

What i do believe deeply is this, every partner that come into our lives is a soul mate. Soul mates doesn’t mean to be married and live together for the rest of their lives and everything is rainbows and unicorns. These soul mates come into our lives in mandated season, specific periods to grow together. Both souls have agreed to this and wanted every single thing that happens in the relationship to happen before incarnating. And when the lesson and purpose has been fulfilled, physical separation is necessary for the next growth.

There is no”The One” because there is Everyone. Yet while these are so, depending on our life journey in this lifetime, there is that one soul mate who we end up living out the rest of our lives with because in that is where the remaining chunks of our growth lies, in that is the possibility of infinite growth with the other soul. I see it not as a magical tra la la Hollywood thing but for the sake of the world’s waking up. Relationships of two awakened soul multiplies the effect and power of their awakening effect by uncountable folds to everyone around. That is the sake of the relationship, for everyone else. It becomes no longer about me. And I know my mate will help me to look in places I haven’t looked yet, to give me the courage to face the fires of my fears and be burnt by it all to come out pristine. All so I awaken to awaken others. It is no longer about me, me and me.

And it is no longer about completing one another because even that is also a story.