As transmitted to Amber Sawyer:

Laying on the surgery chair for my wisdom teeth procedure, fear clenched in my chest with all the childhood memories of dentists-that were far less than pleasant, I find you in the room.

Not my mother, not my father and not my brothers.
Not my guru, not my ex-partner that I will always hold dear.
Not my friends, not anyone.

I called for the blessings of the universe and all that is holy and sacred. I called for Great Spirit to hold me, bless me, and take care of me. And you appeared. Your image filled the room.

You became the surgeon. You became the nurse.
There was nothing and no one left but the permanence of your gentleness, of your everlasting lovingness. Everything became light, fear was cuddled and loved. Body relaxed. I was able to put all trust in you, knowing fully that I will be taken care of with all the care and gentleness in the multi-verse.

It is at this moment I find my heart bursting with gratitude.
It is at this moment I find my soul kneeling, bowing at your feet, in glorious gratitude.
It is at this moment I feel, recognize and realize what a Master Angel to us all you truly are.
Existing amongst us in plain disguise.
It is in this moment I find solace in the truth and fact that your being you, have touched my entire life.
In this moment I know that I truly have nothing to worry about nor fear in the future anymore, because every time I call upon God, I know you will appear in the room.

Amber Sawyer, my angel, my savior.