Any works relating to creativity/artistry have never entered my life until i picked up the guitar back in February and what follows is no less than an onslaught of activities delved in the realms mentioned. In fact I’ve stayed far, far, FAR away from any type of drawing or painting because i was always so bad at it. And for the past 6 months have been incredibly fun, fresh, new, and spontaneous with the guitar, songwriting, painting, and picking up contemporary dancing. And it is through going through all of these that I can confidently say that everything we’ve ever wanted is within us.

Each and everyone of you ARE creative, all of you CAN sing, CAN dance, CAN paint. But so often growing up here in Singapore that part of us have been crushed and well, growing up on the current Planet Earth haven’t been too helpful with focusing on Top 20 Radio Chart singers frequently with thousand dollar equipments, high-end voice coaches and whatnot. The entire thing have been turned into BUSINESS.

Back in the tribes people used to sing and dance freely, expressing whatever is arising within. And each and everyone was honored for what was delivered. I have found it is often the fear that we can’t dance, sing, paint perfectly that stops us entirely before we even began. You are NOT a business. You are a living breathing moving beautiful expression. Let what is within show itself. Dance, paint, sing for the sake of your own joy, for the sake of honoring that part within you and that’s it, there is no perfection because it’s YOU. And doing all of it vibrates our dimensions and colors, or if you’d prefer, doing all of it unveils layers within us for ourselves to see.

Below are two recent doodles!

Tree Of Light Within

Tree of Light within

Light We Are

Light Being drawing