A song-prose written for an angel here on Earth, who’s my lighthouse in the storm.

Lighthouse in the storm

There’s a lady
She’s the lighthouse in the storm
She’s the peace in the breaking dawn
She’s the sparkle in the morning dew

There’s a lady
She’s the hope in the hearts of all
Even when the leaves are falling
Even when spring turns to winter
Even when the roses stop blooming
She’s the bright light above it all

There’s a lady
Whose beauty stands the tides of time
Whose strength is like the blazing sun
Who’s an angel in disguise

There’s a lady
There’s something more in her beauty
It’s a heart of pure gold
So wide the universe sees it
So deep it touches the ocean floor

Yes that lady is you
Your eyes they sparkle like the stars
Where you walk the Earth blooms
Where you speak the heart sings
Where you touch the soul awakens
With every breath, with every word
The shining light of God comes through you

In the dark night of the soul
You appear and take it all away
Without a word
With just one loving look

Night changes to day
The Holy Dove comes to stay
And you in all your glory
Returning back to the Light
The fragrance of your existence left behind
For all to see, for all to feel.

-Andrik Sim