In total surrender
I offer myself to you
All that is sacred and holy
Every part of my life in non-resistance
Everything through you, in you, by you
Absolute eradication of resistance
Absolute emptying of desires to want to be of anything other than I Am

People who come by
Are not there for us to get anything
Are not there for us to take anything
The brothers and sisters of the universe
Come by so that there is an opportunity
There for us to give love
To let the love of the universe come through us
To touch their spirits
To open their hearts
With vibrations of kindness, warmth, acceptance, lovingness and nurturing
They are there for us to love
For us to open our own hearts
For us to embrace the light within by loving them all

To always be very gentle
With ourselves and all that is
To kiss the earth with every step
To breathe the air with gratitude
To see the world for loving, tender eyes

To make a commitment
To always be gentle with all
And the only way for that
Is by being gentle with deepest Self
All an ultimate reflection of within.