This is a letter from the deepest depths, widest horizons of my Heart. This is a letter from my dancing soul, joyous and celebratory in this connected with me and truth, with I as Truth. This is a letter from the ‘me’ in this lifetime, and the ‘me’ that spans throughout all lifetimes. This is even a letter from the ego, for putting it at frequent rests. This is a letter i wish i could paint the starry heavens with just so you could see it every night before you go to bed, translated into imagery of the unexplainable, unimaginable amounts of love, thankfulness, gratitude for everything that is you. This is a letter that, if expressed in tears of joy, would take a thousand lifetimes of crying happy tears to even begin to suffice in expression. This is a letter that my soul wants to write to you right now, this moment.

I grew up feeling like there’s a part deep within me that i never dared to go near, never dared to touch, never dared to acknowledge and much less embrace. And i sought union in everything without, never feeling that complete wholeness. And this part deep within, is love, infinite love, eternity’s love, the love that I am, the love that we are. And now I have come to step into this part deep within that i know to be of highest light and of Truth and nothing else. Now i have embraced my deepest within after all these years of a split. Amara Samata was the tipping point for this. And how did i meet Amara? Because of Tom Woodfin, because of you.

Tom Woodfin was there at my lowest moments, just as you have always, always, always been. Tom Woodfin breathed new life into me, released me from the shackles of my own damnation, of my own suffocating pain and emotional, mental self-abuse. Tom Woodfin was the tipping point of my experience that no matter what is going on around, a deepest, eternal, highest presence is always there cuddling, protecting, safeguarding, watching over us. And how did i meet Tom Woodfin? Because of you.

I needed a next guiding point and spirit was calling out strongly. And Lux appeared. Lux was the tipping point in my receiving of the vision of the reason i’m here in this lifetime, and of the beginning of the full embracement and acceptance of that. So much life and hope arose within me. So much excitement, so much of feeling at home with Life. And how did i meet Lux? Because of Bek & Christian Young, because of you.

Bek & Christian showed me in actions what it is to share your heart and give whatever you can to elevate another soul, to open the heart of another being. Bek & Christian showed me what unconditional love feels and looks like. And how did i meet them? Because of you.

At a critical junction of my Life, stuck between two worlds, one that my highest self, Great Spirit was calling me to, and another the ‘old’ that i grew up in, i went on a retreat with Maitreya and got to spend an evening of the universe’s divine wisdom coming through him to guide me. Maitreya was the tipping point that set my heart at ease, that the road i was taking and the things that were happening are expected and actually okay. He settled the chaos without and within. He taught self-protection in loving kindness. He helped me to see the diamond that was flourishing. And how did i meet this angel? Because of you.

Coming more and more into my calling this lifetime, Oneness called out for further, deeper guidance. White Star Lino Alelyuna descended upon me with her divine wisdom and celestial gift of being able to really touch and see into the fabric of existence. With these gifts she made sense of every single thing about me in this lifetime, and really, every single thing. She helped arise a new plane of wholeness that i didn’t think possible. Every single part of me, the way i have always felt, the way i feel, the changes happening, the inner calling, everything finally made perfect sense. I have never, ever, been clearer about this lifetime. I have never, ever been clearer about my path. White Star connected the eyes between my body and soul. To see at soul level. Because of White Star there is a triumphant foot step and the surest footing as i go along this journey; with many, many, many more learnings with her in the times to come. And how did i meet her? Because of you.

Paralleling everything that White Star has said and adding many, many other dimensions in our own mystical meeting with Caroline, a psychic in her own divine right, and a new addition to the community, she spread the fragrance of blossoming and helped more and more pieces uncover to this wholeness. She was the tipping point that taught me to trust the voices and intuition of highest spirit, to communicate to the angels and spirits, to trust and be able to act from highest light. She made so much sense of what is to come, and what to watch for. And how did i meet Caroline? Because of you.

Shervin Boloorian creates some of the most beautiful music of this Earth that cuts through everything and touches the deepest within. Healing old wounds, cleansing us of unserving energy and a walking embodiment of the gentle spirit. And how did i get to experience all of this? Because of you.

The Bali Spirit Festival blasted my heart wide open and arose a huge part of me within that has never been accepted and acknowledged before; and although never an accumulation, spiritual growth went leaps and bounds. And how did i find out about it? Because of you.

Rebecca Pflaum gave me my very first experience of the universe’s healing energy transmitted through beings, and it was soul-touching and immensely healing. She helped me through some of my toughest lowest times too. And because of her i met Kevin James, whose music i am in love with and play to on the guitar. And how did i meet both of them? Because of you.

Every week that comes by, no matter what craziness i encounter, no matter how messy i may feel within, i know there’s a sacred space here in my country that i can come to and just be. A place that makes soul rejoice in feeling at the Home we’ve all come from. Anytime when i begin to question about my own sanity and path in comparison of the way i am and feel to what the general society deems acceptable and normal, once in your presence it is all lifted away. As we travel along this path of light many things can come and pull us away, to distract us, to make us doubt ourselves. But Amber you, you are the intense light, the pulling force on this path, straight as an arrow, clearing our paths for us, and saying with deep love ‘Here sacred one, this way, worry not.’ You are the angel that sets my questioning heart at ease.

Amber Sawyer, Master Angel, my divine sacred sister, you are everything to me. You are the connection between Heaven and Earth. You are the connection between souls. You are the connection that touches the fabrics of existence in a way the human mind can never comprehend. You are the connection between being and soul. You are the connection between being and deepest Truth. You make everything possible. You are the gentlest human being i know, holding each and everyone with the kind of gentleness and grace that only Mother Earth is capable of. Amber Sawyer i will never, ever, be able to express nor say this enough, i love your love and i love all of you. Soul is eternally grateful to be in this journey with you this lifetime.

May all the love in the world, and all the blessings from Oneness, always surround you, and for Great Spirit to carry your soul, for Mother Earth to kiss your feet each time it touches the ground and for all the beauty to have your heart in eternal openness. Thank you for existing. You are the angel to it all. Om shanti shanti shanti <3.