Awhile not too long ago was the bees all about representing “Accomplishing the impossible” and “Examine your own productivity, are you doing all that you can?” and “No matter how big the dream is, there is promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dreams”, and now this. With everything that just happened moments ago I am thankful and floored by the universe’s actions. Playing the guitar and singing the “Om Tare” mantra (which basically means total liberation from all suffering, from samsara, to see and live the true fabric of the universe), a giant whizzing sound went right behind me. A huge green scarab beetle flew in, my first instincts was to run out of the room thinking it was a bee. And after settling outside my door and seeing it for what it is, something calmed down, and something said that its all okay. I felt this was a message like the bees.

I settled down right outside of the door on my carpet and watched the huge beetle go berserk in my room. And something said play, so i did. I decided to start with “Om Tare” mantra again, and the moment i started, i swear, the huge beetle swooped down and rested on my pillow, unmoving, still, being. Something within knew this was a symbol, and i paid respects and honor by playing all the songs i knew, even the ones i wrote. And then i set her into the garden. As if the universe was afraid i didn’t get the message, the moment i caught her another beetle(usual) flew in. Incredible.

I started googling for meanings and found myself at a loss for words. Just gratitude. And an exploding heart. Everything was aligned beautifully, everything in tuned with everything else. I never knew what the mantra meant but knew i felt free within when i played it. A green scarab beetle flew in while i was playing a heart-focused mantra of Green Tara. Here’s what i found:

Beetle: Beetle is a being of peace, wishing nothing more than to live at one with nature and the world. Metamorphosis, resurrection, past lives, rebirth of the soul to new spiritual ideal and renewed devotion, innocence of purpose. This insect teaches harmony in the coming changes by utilizing your intuitive abilities and teaches discernment where you need it the most. Beetle will teach persistence with charm, trust in the process, proper movement and actions which allows the regeneration of your spirit to prosper. Beetle signals a confirmation we are on the right track and we should pursue our goals.

Open the door to lives long gone.
Show me the door with the spiritual key,
The door to my past, to the lives that I lived.
My spiritual pattern I need to see.

For the past few weeks i had been working at coming up with the skeletal structure for the community i am called from deep within to create. And i’ve been coming with with activities and basically refining what i’ll be able to share, to give, what i’ll be able to provide. And scarab beetle swoops in with every bit of meaning representing me and “on the right track and we should pursue our goals”.

Taking the initial steps and battling with mind-ego doubts that arises such as “Are you good enough for this?” and taking that leap towards what makes me come alive, the beetle now comes and confirms it.

The universe will use whatever methods of showing us things along the way, messages and such, by whichever way we will respond to. The reason why the universe have been speaking to me through timings and insects is because i would naturally find out what it means. When our hearts our open, our eyes are open, and we’ll see all sorts of messages from the universe. It is all perfect, all beautiful.

Fullest heart.