Namaste brothers and sisters, hope you’ve been well. It just occurred to me right now that I’ve put the pen down for the past 2 weeks in the stead of the guitar pick. Been singing and playing continuously in camp and at home (in the process annoying everyone trying to nap).

Last week i asked a camp mate to guide me on guitar strumming for some of my songs and he agreed. The next day, i could see a lot of hesitancy on his face, and a lot of fear. The conversation then went like this:

Me: I’ll go grab the CD so we can get started
Friend: don’t need the CDs.
Me: What do you mean?
Friend: Don’t need the CDs.
Me: How are we going to learn the strumming for the song without the CD?
Friend: I can teach you the technique but not the song
-I was so confused at this point and just decided to point out his uncomfort-
Friend: I am not comfortable with what you do
Me: And what do you think i do?
Friend: Uhh..i’m just not comfortable with what you do
Me: So what do you think i do?
Friend: I don’t know. Okay nevermind just get the CDs.
Me: No man it’s alright i’ll get someone else.

Many times our own mind-ego pushes at the slightest things, creates massive blocks of walls around everything that seems foreign, even without knowing why. Under his christian teachings he is taught and conditioned to deem everything else as untouchable, lesser and shouldn’t even be known. Taught to be in separation, only in selectively unification.

And what was it that i do? I sing heartsongs that sometimes take the form of sanskirt language. We all have one or two christian friends who’s very much so. And the only thing we can really do, is non-resistance, seeing them in their highest light and realizing that’s just the way they were taught to be growing up. And so i wrote a song (and sang it to camp mates) that uses the words he is familiar with, the words we deeply know points to the same Oneness.


“Here we are
Laying rest at your feet
Your warm embrace, coddles me
Here we stand
Take this pain all away

In you we are
Son of God
Children of men
Jesus in you I pray
Your name I praise


Shine your light on me
Make me whole again