Wisdom is knowing i am nothing. Love is knowing i am everything and between the two my life moves.

Uni application for Degree in Psychology has been done. I’ve written a new song yesterday and another few days back. Awaiting for my PC microphone to arrive from the U.S. so i can start recording and contributing to my soundcloud channel. Creative energy have been arising, and with everyone that i’ve sung with and played music with, i’ve come to know that each and everyone have a beautiful song in their heart. We need only allow ourselves the grace of letting these heartsongs release themselves. Back in the earlier times people sang for all kinds of purposes and no one had the kind of holding back that people have today; what with all the “role models” playing on radio constantly.

Let the world hear your heartsong, let yourself hear your heartsong, we can all sing, because singing have never been about any sort of “perfection”, whatever that means. And be gentle with yourselves, be thankful and appreciate your own voice, because there’s no other like it. Everything ultimately as a way of dancing through this universe, let your joy arise!

Can’t wait to share my heartsongs with all of you 🙂