“Why do people respond more easily and better to a kind tongue?”

I joined in on my first Baha’i gathering tonight on an invite and in the midst of the event there was this question above. This arose from me:

“Within each and everyone of us at the deepest level is a heart so pure, a light so bright and everything that any of us have ever done since birth were done in actions towards union; union of self and union towards source. As we speak with a kind tongue, what we are not verbally saying is that the divine within me is speaking to that which is divine and pure within you. And the divine within me holds you in your highest light, to see you as you really are. It becomes then, that there is nothing such as speaking kindly or not, but that to see people for who they are, a kind tongue is no longer optional because it because the only true option, the only true arising.

As children we were exploding with energy and exuding all our bright light and wide open hearts. But along the way on the path of growing up things happen and we build these walls around us to protect ourselves, we develop these automatic responses to things. And we shut our light out more and more. Deep within everyone is a yearning for this light to be held, for us to be really recognized. And to speak kindly, warmly, becomes a symbol of me touching on a brother or sister’s bright light. In this mutual recognition that is where light expands. That is where a candle lights another. That is where light shines brighter.

To speak kindly from this knowing, is to communicate across that we have never, ever been separate. You and I have always been at One, you and I have always been connected, one way or another. To treat you unkindly is to be dis-aligned from truth. To treat you unkindly is to treat myself unkindly. You have always been a brother or a sister of the world.

And that is why, people respond better to a kind tongue.”


And did i forget to mention food? We kicked off the event with a dubbed “spinning wheel of heaven”, homemade persian food. We had green curry, lentils, salad, persian rice, pumpkin soup, grilled vegetables sprinkled with garlic bread crumbs, persian yoghurt and i brought my freshly baked blueberry buttermilk cake.

Well i was informed of the event 2 hours before start time and i didn’t want to turn up empty handed. I flew to the grocery store to get ingredients and made the cake, i prepared 2 burnt CDs filled with divinely beautiful heartsongs for the host and brought my guitar in case we wanted to play some heartsongs. Very, very glad i did. Had the pleasure of playing 2 heartsongs for the community at the end and then dug in to cake, some-complicated-high-grade-turkish-delight-that-partied-in-my-mouth, mint tea and really red watermelons. Yum 🙂