The real truth unites people, it does not divide them.

A very very special community night tonight at Satsanga, a celebration of the end of this month-long Maitreya’s stay here, and until we see him again near the end of year and looking forward for our Bali meditation retreat. There was truly an abundance of food tonight, all kinds of deliciousness, i made salted caramel brownies, creamed fruit salad (attacks both mouth and waist) and marinated roasted portobello mushrooms.

There must have been at least a gazillion cakes around, and a tonne worth of food. Oh where do i begin…raw mango cake, homemade thosai, lentils, pasta, homemade bread, raw ice cream, truffled chocolate cake, dal, crackers and more…and more…and more…too much (as if).

Above all food, wide open hearts. Being right there, never wanting to be anywhere else, living breathing the moment itself, full of aliveness, each moment as fresh as mountain air; as special as the first snowflake.

At the end of it all, I got to play 2 new sing along songs, “I am” and “Let the way of the heart”. Opportunities come my way one by one to open the moment into heart singing, so grateful. Spontaneous energy been arising these few days. A vision of what i’m meant to create has been presenting itself. Mapping all of it out now, keeping mind out of the picture by only allowing the universe’s inspiration to do its workings and garnering what i require to create this space for people all around. Heart-opening times ahead!

(Wish i had pictures for all of tonight, but it never came to mind as all were in total embracement of what was in the present, all mind was gone, all ego was gone, all identites and roles were gone. Allow yourself this space too dear one, rest well, you are loved.)