I received a surprise from the Universe today that set me into an uproar of uncontrollable laughter and giggles..and giggles..and giggles like a 5 year old girl opening her birthday present.


Doctor wondered if I hit my head too. My feet was hurting today as I walk, and I couldn’t walk properly. I felt compelled to go to the A&E and get it checked (which i really don’t do). Doc and I agreed that it must be a tendon thing, but arranged for an X-Ray “just to be safe”. She gave me a 1 day MC and sent me off for the X-Ray.

After all that was done, VOILA. She came and looked at me, wide eyed and then “THERE’S A FRACTURE IN YOUR ANKLE”. She asked me what i’ve been doing the past week, i replied “Eat, rest, meditate, dance, sing, play the guitar, just last night i helped myself to a whole tub of ice cream”. We’re pretty sure it’s the build-up tension from all the years of martial art training with all that roundhouse kick to the sandbag. “Great job genius!”

I really don’t know why, but I just kept laughing, and laughing, and giggling, and laughing, and laughing. In the deepest presence within that i rest in, that i come from, was me infinitely whole, full of life, and also full of emptiness dancing. And this deepest presence within, is what i am. The real me, what we all exist as. Past the mind, past the body. That which has never been born and never died. That which is eternal and in flow of Life as Life itself. It is impossible to truly put into words, as all words eventually fail at this. It cannot be described, only lived. And the real I watched as all these was happening, unscathed, untouched, and knowing that the physical body will recover blindingly fast with spirit connected.

Perhaps in an attempt to describe this presence, is the Lighthouse in the middle of a storm, and everything around is crashing, creating chaos, and the Lighthouse just stands still, silent. It isn’t silent, it’s silence itself. It’s stillness itself. Whole. Always.

The Eternal Witness.

Now, a picture to wash your eyes with!