Alas, The Office (US) have come to an end after 8 years. At the end of the post you’ll come to see for yourself why this show is the best sitcom ever created. Surprisingly, the show means so, so, incredibly much to me. I quite literally grew up watching the show. Ridiculous and horrifying as it sounds, i’ve seen every single episode from Season 1-8 at least 6-7 times in the past years. For a one year period, almost every single mealtime at home i’d HAVE TO play an episode to watch while i munch. People have comfort food, The Office was my utmost comfort picture and sounds if that’s possible. I had come to remember every scene that would unfold and the things they would say, the actions they would do. I’m not proud of this…okay maybe a little.

(I’ve included some of the greatest moments in gifs but have given up on trying to make it work here, but fans would know!)


I’ve fallen so deeply in love with each and every character, especially Kevin Malone. Steve Carell became my favorite actor and character of all time. I’ve become so biased i love every show he’s in. Every single silly antic so, so endearing. And i’ve gone through much of happy times and tough times watching the show, it used to be a comfort-escape. Probably why the strong attachment. I feel so much warmth and a quiet buzzing joy when i watch them go at it. And most of all, my past relationship with a wonderful, wonderful being was spent with so much of The Office running through it. And honestly, there’s nothing by it, but i wish i had watched this last super-sized 75 minutes finale episode with her, like the touch of a ribbon at the wrapping of a gift.


With the end of the show it always feels like a grand mark of a completely new start of the new pages and chapters of my life with everything that the universe have gifted me in this past 5 months. Surprisingly symbolic.


I know I’d always be a Office geek. And even in years to come, it’d be one show most filled with endearing emotions and attachment. This is the one attachment in my life that i fully, wholly enjoy and embrace 🙂 The most heartstring-tugging, outrageously hilarious, endearing TV sitcom ever shown.


The finale episode was the lifesaver of the entire season 9 and quite simply because of all the emotional attachment, the best episode of all. It filled me with a crescendo of emotions, savoring every last minutes of the show’s existence, knowing that after today it’ll be done for good made it all a greater joy to watch. Every single loose end tied up so beautifully. With all the gratitude in the world and the love from my heart, thank you Office.



And you, you know you’ll always be my pam.


I couldn’t resist. A legendary sitcom was to be accompanied by my family’s great love: Mom’s creamed fruit salad. Tonight i made it with: Blueberries, Dragonfruit, Pear, Apple, Longan, Peach, Aloe Vera, Mango and cream-that-violates-all-the-possible-healthiness-in-this. Grew up eating this stuff. Explains why i was in the fat club for 10 years of my life, primary school all the way to secondary.