This arose last night before turning in:

Like the ocean holding the waves
Likes the sky holding the clouds
Like the water that holds the fish
The eternal witness is always there
Behind every scene
Behind every moment
Behind every single action
Behind every word
Behind all Life itself
Always watching
Always observing

The part of us that have always remained present
Through childhood
Through teenage years
Through adulthood
Through the toughest times
Through the happiest moments
The eternal witness has never changed
And never will
It is always alive

Clarity unlike any other
Holding Truth in totality
Waiting patiently for all eternity
For eternity to realize itself
For Life to come into itself
For Truth to come into itself
For awakefulness to realize itself
For us to come into a moment free from all

Free from all mind
Free from all thought
Free from ego
Free from all that acts as a veil
Going straight into the deep, oftentimes mysterious
Depths of deepest Truth
That we are Truth itself
That we are never
In birth or death
Forever and always have been
An eternal circle

The untainted
The forever free
Eternal Witness