After Maitreya’s guided Death Meditation (a process of using breathing techniques and visualisations to release the ego and connect to the eternal witness. A beautiful process using imagination to let go of our misidentifications with the body and mind, allowing us to rest in the Self only) I had such an experience that was difficult to put into words, but this arose:

After Death Meditation

The ultimate release
Into Death we go
Deep into the release of all
Goodbyes understood
Words need not be spoken

Transcending everything
Transcending nothing
Into nothingness
Into everything
Spirit flies
Spirit connects
Spirit returns into Spirit

Blinking awake
Eyes opening
As if waking from a deep slumber
Immense uncomfort felt in body
Breathing into it
With each release it is released

A deep expansive peace settles in
I am here but at the same time
I am not
A lightness unfelt before
Something more
More than just lightness
A newness
A freshness
A sense of a newborn
A sense of a reborn
As if I had just re-entered to here again
A restart button of sorts
Such tremendous expansiveness

Reaching for my cup of tea
My hand seems to move at the speed of snail
But that is all I could manage
My hands
My feet
They feel like they don’t truly belong to me
But yet here they are
Moving at my will

A funny fuzzy feeling this is
Everything so slow
Exaggeratingly slow
Time has stopped within me
As though I am relearning how to move
But something deep within so different
Something have shifted

I do not know what
But there is no fear
A heavy load within previously unknown
Have vanished
I feel like I’m expanded to places
So far away
So broad
So wide
Yet here I sit
“What is going on?”
A thought seemed to poke at the side
And then thought was gone too
A rising sense of wonder
At this feeling of newborn

It took forever
To return fully to my body
Slowly regaining my body consciousness
Settling into my body
Energy settled down

I start to return home
Every step so fresh
Colors flooded my eyes
Everything so colourful
Everything felt so alive
Everything so vibrant

Cars drive by
Feeling like they zoomed by
At the speed of light
They looked so foreign
And so, so loud
A little too loud

My entire body’s every movement was felt
Every little twitch
All senses seemed to have heightened a few times

Sitting in the car
So rested into the seat
I felt like I was no more
Passing by buildings, trees, cars and people
Felt like I was seeing all of it for the first time
Yet I have never felt such expansiveness

No room for thought
No room for anything else
Other than what was right here
In this eternal Now
Never past, never future
Just simply here, everything here
Perhaps something was reborn.