Lazy Saturday evening, half asleep, started scribbling:

Stuck between two worlds
One unreal, one of Truth
In between, clammed, squashed, teared at
As if one hand pulled by one,
The other pulled by the other
The “I” feels like being torn asunder
Which way to go?
Oneness knows
Thus mind is afraid, very afraid
Mind knows that a clear-cut decision will be reached once,
Stillness and space is honoured.
Mind then, creates drama,
Mind then, distracts.
Anything but silence and gentle space for awakefulness.
Oneness already knows which way to go
One last ditch, a final struggle by Mind.
The “I” is shaken and affected by all the trashings
The “I” feels a gnawing sense of discomfort
The “I” knows that it stands by the edge of the cliff
Nearing its end
Possible for all that was known to come to an abrupt end
So it creates a sense of gnawing discontent
It creates an discomfort that discourages silence and space.
It creates negative troubling emotions to discourage Spirit,
From stepping in.
It knows that once it stops,
It stops forever.
The mind and spirit goes into war.
A war that will never end,
Until one side is chosen.
The ‘old’, ‘safe’, familiar, all that used to be
The ‘new’, comforting, real, truth, yet all peppered with fears.
All tainted, masked by fear of egoic death.
What is within always arises,
That is the golden rule.
Disregard it, and the insides will never feel aligned, never content.
But listen to it, and the road ahead,
Lots more discomfort and fear ridden-situations.
All darkness before glorious light.
A decision must be made still,
So where do you go?
What do you choose?
Within, already knows.
All that’s needed is to honor and trust Within.
Listen hard, listen well.
For what you next choose,
Will either bring you heaven or hell,
But as always, all is well.