Two nights ago I posted guru Amara’s poem pointing at the Tipping Point, i typed out the transcript while listening and am once again awed by the wholesomeness of Truth that resonates from deep within.

Here’s the audio to listen along:

Guru, Amara Samata ‘Tipping Point’ poem

“In the highest mountain
In the peak of paradise
In the nest of the One
Where few have dared to go
And none have returned
As my land, the land of my species and all that I loved and hate
was about to die
In that moment
As the ground shook
The waters trashed
And fire rained from the sky
In that final moment
At the precipice of the All
I posed this simple question
The One did not respond
Behind me lay only hell
For I knew too much
Infront of me lay only death
For there was nowhere safe left to go
As the cliff began to give way
I did the last thing the “I” can do
Lifting my tattered wings one last time,
I surrendered, knowing nothing at all
All dissolved
The One spoke but one message
Flying not flying, same thing, there is no cliff
And just like that,
She was no more.

Mastery comes when there is nothing left to master
Until then all that seeks to return to take hold again within us,
Must be seen for what it is, Nothing,
And what it is not, Everything.
Naturally arising discernment beyond any system of interpretation,
Is the gift of surrender
When “I” rises up, even in the highest truth, to greet that which seems to be,
A death must take place or suffering will occur
Pain and pleasure are like candy,
Offered to a starving child,
It will save you in the moment, but kill you in the end,
This is neither good nor bad,
How you choose to die at this point is up to you,
Die wisely, lovingly, consciously, and continuously,
Those who seek to return to that which does not exist will suffer the most
Those who stay aware in the non-doing of awakeness,
Those whose compassion surpasses all fear
Those whose wisdom surpasses all thought
Those who are united in both as One, cannot fall
Mastery comes when there is nothing to master.

Miracles are the way of the All.
Nothing is possible , therefore nothing is impossible
When there is no self, that could or would, ever need protection,
One is eternally protected
When there is no self, that could or would, ever need healing,
One is forever healed.
When there is no self, that could or would, ever offer in prayers,
Prayers are always answered.
When there is no self that is left to manifest,
That which is needed for the sake of the Oneness,
Happen spontaneously without effort, without sensation.

All in the slightest movement, the miniscule tipping of one wing,
Brings swift flight in the direction of Total Remembrance
Enlightened beings don’t suffer,
Though pain may come, there is no suffering,
Though pleasure may come, there is no suffering,
What does not suffer within them, is what does not suffer within you.
What does not suffer within you, does not suffer within those around you.
Suffering becomes a mere mask, a mask worn by a child, intent on making innocent mischief,
Even the most hideous of masks, are but masks,
Masks worn by divinity itself for the sake of the Remembering.
Remembering who or what you really are, in the end when the mask is removed, even the child could see the mask was not really what is real.
Remaining indifferent to suffering
Taking up arms against suffering
Trying to help those who suffer
In the end producing more suffering,
Like making war to end war.
In she who is no more,
Suffering stops because self stops
When self stops, the skilful wait arises,
No doing, no not doing, no trying, only being.
This being brings perfect doing every time.

And lastly,
Don’t be fooled
That which appears to be Holy may not be Whole.
That which appears to be hurtful, may not be so,
Karma dictates how you see,
Therefore if you have not surrendered to what is within you,
You cannot know,
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
And vice versa

Seeds of awakening are everywhere
If you cannot find the garden, grow one.
If the guru guides you to his truth, beware, be aware.
If the guru guides you to your truth, beware, be aware,
If the guru sits in the nest of the One,
When you truly see that the guru sits in the nest of the One,
Then you will see that so do you,
Between you, there is no space, time, or difference.”


When you allow yourself to be, you allow others to be.
Be kind and gentle to yourself, always.