In this past week I’ve spent most of my time at home distracting myself with shows and i can feel an obvious struggle within. I’m stuck between two worlds, one of Truth, the other of illusions. I’m at the crossroad, i have to make a decision which way to go. Truth within me have been nudging at me because I haven’t been honoring it by living, speaking, acting as total unabashed Truth in the past week.

It’s been an intense struggle within, ever since i’ve come to dance with Truth in its totality in Bali it meant for a start of a long road ahead, never being able to return to feeling content with things that are unreal. “Better to never start than to never finish”. Only now do I know what this means. So many wonderful wonderful shifts have happened in all my interactions with the universe ever since the heart awakening, but I only know there’s so much more to come. Before the heaven lies the hell. Until the hell is no longer needed, then heaven comes. And until heaven is no longer needed, and all dissolves.

This arose today in my cry for surrender to Truth:

Divine Universe I return to you,
I surrender to all that is,
I see all as is,
I feel all as is,
In this oneness I am reborn, moment to moment.
Mother Earth, Father Sun,
All that is sacred and holy,
Let the light and peace within me shine,
Let my light brighten all lights,
And so help me open the hearts of all who come my way.
As all that is false falls away,
Only truth remains, only Truth arises,
So let it be.

My guru Amara shared a poem she wrote during her Tipping Point with such directness to Truth that can’t be adequately described by any words. I’ll put up a transcript of it tomorrow but here’s the audio: