At a workshop a month ago in Bali with Nadine McNeil we wrote down 2 things we’d do for ourselves within the next 6 months that will make us really happy and today a month later i accomplished one of it 🙂 She set the piece of paper that included things we wrote to ourselves to be mailed to us 6 months from the workshop too. Nothing like a little letter to self.

What i wrote was the intention to lead a song at monthly Kirtan at Satsanga and i’m new as a newborn baby with guitar, just 3 months old. But as the universe wills it, and with the help of chords from Kevin James tonight i had the pleasure and great honor of leading the song for the jam-packed community. What love most was the pure love for brothers and sisters in the air tonight, all recognized as is, and thus accepted wholly. Their love helped ease my nervousness and it was an absolute pleasure and wonderful experience playing it for them. I’m one step closer to the reason i picked up guitar, so, so happy.

I recorded it with the iPhone and its really raw but gets clearer towards the middle (apart from my amateur playing that is) but here goes! :