I’ve never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, been good at anything to do with drawing. And i’ve never been musically inclined, unless you count singing screaming in a karaoke room. But much like picking up guitar about 2 months ago, i picked up painting today. In this period of time lots from within yearning to be expressed in creation. (But who knew paint was so expensive)

I’ve come to enjoy all of this spontaneity very much, realizing that a big chunk of fear i used to have, vanished. I used to refrain from picking up something new for fear that i won’t do good, for fear that i won’t go far, for fear that i won’t stay long with it and all of that. With inner expansion comes the dropping away of old habits and such that doesn’t serve us anymore, what a blessing!


I just finished this one about 10 mins ago, had a bit of a midnight craving for..painting. It is henceforth named “Dance of the Eternal Divine”.

And at the bottom you find a 5 year old doodling, my first painting of today in the afternoon. I dub it.. “5-year-old-doodle”. I like to think of the initial surge as our lives and as we grow and mature we (hopefully) have a tendency to search within when we had enough of seeking from without. And as we make the choice, the universe supports that by adding its divine support  in the second surge that joined into the spiral. As we go deeper within we go into light more and more, going into purple, and then just bright white. Dissolving into eternity, existing as the moment. Or, just a 5-year-old doodle.