I was in the bus this morning and had a spontaneous flow that goes:

Surrendering is the open gateway to all. As we surrender, we rest and ease into what is. We settle into the is-ness of the moment. And what is, have always been and will always be.

As we surrender fully, our hearts open wide and mind-ego takes a bench rest. The only thing that can possibly happen in the Now when we surrender is the falling away of all falseness and the eternal truth arises.

Surrendering isn’t the lost of all power and control and letting others walk all over you. That’s just another form of ego. In surrendering fully is to let the divine work through us and steer our sails instead of doing it in our own egoic way where we we think we know whats best for us.

As we surrender we return back to our truth and we give ourselves permission to be who we really are. As we surrender, the egoic madness of wanting to change everything and everyone around us in a egoic fasion dissolves. We begin to recognize and honor the eternal divine within others.

In surrendering, mind falls away and with mind falling away, egoic habits and behaviors take a break. We let go of our old selves and who we imagine ourselves to be.

Judgement of others stop as we recognize their beauty in its natural totality. And we know that as we do that, so do they, recognize our beauty. We see others as already in their highest, perfect light. We recognize that however someone is in the moment is how they know how to be, otherwise they would not be that. In this recognition we no longer isolate others just because by the common eyes they are “weird”. We encompass and include all.

This does not mean people cannot ‘improve’ and become ‘better’, it is just recognition that from all their experiences so far in life that this is, at this moment, how they know best to be.

And from a loving space we help each other to be ‘better’. But only from a loving space does it work and help best. The egoic way of wanting a person to change to be the way that pleases us drops away. It becomes a full, compassionate and accepting way of treatment.


In surrendering to all that is, we are no longer bothered by loud noises or what was before, considered as annoying noises when we are taking rest. As we surrender we relax into everything, the loud construction drilling becomes a soothing lullaby as we become one with it.

As we surrender, egoic mind attachments and identification falls away. We stop equating our sense of self-worth with our physical body-we recognize that we are more than our body. And it is the love within us that determines our self-worth, our value.

As long as we remain attached to the body we’ll always be at the hands of depression. A gain in weight horrifies us and sends us in a sense of panic. We obsess over the calories in food and which food is fattening and which isn’t. We feel guilty when we eat fatty food. A lose in weight makes us feel we’re somehow better now and have a higher sense of self-worth.

In surrendering, all that falls away. Food becomes a conscious choice. What we decide to eat, we listen to our body’s needs. And when we eat, we take full responsibility for all aftereffects and in that, guilt has no place anymore. In that, we remain centered, balanced. Food stop becoming an escape. And we realize we don’t need to eat as much as we think we do.

In surrendering, we allow our deepest self and truth to take over. The way we react, the way we behave and act becomes a direct reflection of our truth. The fear of society acceptance drops away and we finally let our emotions flow in its natural way. We smile when we overflow. It doesn’t matter if we’re alone, we always hold appreciation for Life itself.


Surrendering is doing what our heart truly wants all the time, inexplicably guided by the eternal that is. In surrendering we have a knowing, a faith, that all that happens to us are always for our highest growth. At times things happen to us for the sake of the growth of those around us.

We have a knowing that we are being guided to whatever experience would best serve our growth. This doesn’t mean that it’s always rosy, some of our greatest lessons lies in the greatest suffering.

As we fully surrender and move within, we start moving towards where we’re really meant to go outside as well. As we surrender, illness and pain are healed in our return back to love.

As we surrender, we return home.