Had the very pleasure of learning from Nadine Mcneil who works closely with the United Nations (UN), active board member of the Global Volunteer Network (GVN) and just downright compassionate, genuine, sensitive woman full of love for the world and she combined yoga and writing together. We’d do yoga to go deep within and then burst out writing whatever flowed.

And she also combined dancing and writing together. It didn’t matter what we were writing, it only mattered we were letting the pen and hand flow and have our minds take a rest. It only mattered that we just kept writing without pausing to think, whatever came, came. And we had to keep writing until she said stop, we weren’t allowed to think.

It was incredibly fun, first activity:

-after dancing like a mad man-
Query: Who am I?
What came:
“I am the dance of loving kindness, of the universe’s compassion. I am the natural flow into the opening of the heart, I am that which all are. I am all of that which is present in everything. I am the light that brings more light and i am the light that expands your light and makes the world bright. I am here and at the same time i am not. I am free and so are you.

We are here and now and we’re here for all. All are one and we move through this lifetime and all other lifetimes dancing, laughing, crying, loving, hateful, compassionate, angry. All are needed, nothing is unnecessary. As all open so does the world. As one open, so does we all. All flows in that which goes and everyone always reunites in the Oneness again.”

-Next activity-
Query: Start your sentence with “Once upon a time in the land far far away…”
Here’s the fun part: *you have to write with your non-dominant hand*

It was tremendously difficult to write with the other hand. Mind was gone completely, there was no room left for mind. Only what’s within. Here’s my exceptional handwriting worth an Oscar:


What came:
“Once upon a time in the land far far away…I am a mighty knight, a famous warrior. I uphold justice and guard all. My sword, my shield and my life at your service. In the night I stand at arms and at watch so you can rest easy. Never will i run and never will i abandon. You are mine and I am yours. Watched over by the guardians of the land and kissed by the Earth. Here I stand, here we are. My love, my light, my joy. I love you.”

And at the end of it all, she surprised us with “Between those two stories you just wrote, lies a part of you that’s not serving you and today we’ll recognize what that is and take it out and burn it away.”

I was at a lost. I didn’t think there was anything unserving or negative. Everyone started writing real fast. And after 5 mins “Ah hah!” I spotted a sneaky lil fella. In the story of ‘Once upon a time’, laid the sentence “You are mine and I am yours”. Took me such a long time to recognize this. The sense of ownership of another person. Ridiculous.

I wrote a long story and burnt it all away. And that part of me left me. With awareness always comes cleansing. Delightful 🙂