I’ve had the blessings from the universe and have had many angels who come my way and really open up the inner doors of my heart and soul. And so many of them opened up huge doors for me but none of them had the effect Amara had on me. She is the first of all who feels like my first deepest guru, my teacher and I have nothing but the deepest gratitude, the deepest love for her. Well in actual fact, everything was leading up to her, every single angel who came my way was preparing me for her. And she would prepare me for what came next.

It was so remarkable watching how she went about Life. People at the festival would come up to her and touch her feet. People would come up to her just to tell her how bright, light she looked, how the divine was just shown all over her. And she treated every single person who came her way with nothing but tenderness and mutual recognition of what is. Standing before me was a person who made a real impact on everyone who came her way and she kindled the light of all. Her presence is a penetrative force that pushes people into recognizing their own divinity, their own connection.

We all know spiritual expansion is just fancy sounding, it really just means peeling off the top layers and going to our deepest truth, the eternal within. Amara does just that. No one has ever had a greater force and ability to cut through everything false and revealing what’s within it all.

A friend of mine says “With gifts comes adversities”. And we all hear “The darkness before the light”. It was too literal in my experience with Amara. I was there for the Bali Spirit Festival and the few days of the festival really opened my heart up. And one night I felt something within was nudging at me constantly, something wanted to be noticed, to be revealed. Amara, despite it being late in the night and being exhausted, agreed to help me. And boy did something so, so dark, so evil, something I would’ve never imagined, came gushing out. And she made it all go away. I felt it lift off me and got taken away, and all I could remember was feeling so, so light, so at peace. I felt so clean. So much so that for the next 3 days my body’s instinct told me ‘Don’t eat’, and I didn’t. For the first time in my life I wasn’t eating(I eat a lot), I took fluids and it was shocking that I wasn’t hungry at all. For 3 days I felt a lightness, a clarity I’ve never felt before. It felt like a thorough cleansing was taking place. The darkness has lifted and all there was, was light. Something big was happening within me. It felt like someone had just washed away all the dirt I had my whole life. And for the first time I am sparkling clean. Tears flowed in gratitude.

And on the day of my flight I felt the need for another session, I felt something would be revealed. So we did. I really didn’t imagine it possible, for there to be something even more intense than the first session to occur, at least not in such a short period of time. But it was. And thank God it was.

I’ve always felt a compression, a blockage of some sort in my center, and in the past few months it’s been getting stronger and stronger. Everything was revealed in the session. I’ve been so afraid my whole life of what I can do, of what I am. I caught glimpses of what was within and never felt I could be good enough for that. Never felt I could be worth that. I’ve always felt like in my deepest truest within, I am nothing but love. I am love. When I was young I had images and visions where I would put my hands on someone sad or upset, on their heart center, and it would lift their hearts and fill them with warmth and peace. But growing up I pushed that away and felt that if I believed in that people would think I’m a lunatic or weird or strange. For the first time in my life, I stepped into what I am.

In the private session, the gates burst wide open, i felt and saw myself stepping into my truest self, having the guts and courage for the first time to own up to what I am. And what I am is what we all are within. We’re all love. All I could afford was dancing and spinning and moving in so much joy and gratitude and tears were flowing like the river. I placed my hands and ear on a tree and the moment I did that, I felt a thread of connection that connected all living beings. I heard and felt the grass, the trees, the earth, the insects, the animals, everything. It was so undeniable, so apparent, all I could manage was a bow of gratitude to the tree, immensely humbled by all. Everything in my life changed afterwards.

In the days that followed my heart kept opening wider, and wider. My perception of the universe kept expanding. The connection I felt with everything around me, with the universe, kept enlarging and I was feeling more and more of it. I felt an eternal open circle at my heart center, energy whirling and all I could feel was love and connection towards all who come my way. All I could see and feel was the truth of what we all are. I’ve never walked with such humility and divine connection before. Everyone who came my way was regarded as already perfect, regarded in their highest light. And because I saw the truth of who they are, they reacted accordingly. My world sailed smoothly like never before.

I began to pick up lessons and signs from the universe more easily. When I got back to Singapore, all my friends had the same comment “Something about you look so bright, so light, what happened to you?”. I’ve never been so accepting, so understanding, so open, so loving towards the world before, and most of all, towards myself. I’ve always been comfortable spending time alone but and enjoy it but I’ve never enjoyed and revelled in my time spent alone so tremendously much before. Every day it’s so easy to go into meditation now, everything becomes meditation. My awareness always feels 3 main things so easily now-what I see around me, what I feel around me and where my breathe is flowing.

And because all of these have come from my deepest truth, I know it’s all here to stay for good. It doesn’t mean that life is going to be pretty all the way, I know things will come that may beat me to my knees. But even when that happens, I know everything always happens for our highest good. And it’s never been about being invulnerable and enlightened, it’s always been about being totally vulnerable with an open heart.

Everything’s expanded and changed while at the same time nothing has. Everything has always been. I’ve never felt so clear about where my life is headed before and what I’m meant to do, I’ve never been so sure, and I’ve never been so thankful for Life and never been so well taken care of. I know so much is going to come my way.

And I owe it all to Amara Samata, my guardian angel.