I realized its been almost a month since my last post, and it’s not that i haven’t been writing. On the contrary, i’ve been writing more than i ever have, in my notebook at least 😀 The amount of events that unfolded and inner expansion that occurred, old wounds healed and inner doors that boomed wide open in just 9 days in Bali for the Bali Spirit Festival was like spending a year with Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay to learn about cooking or a year with Einstein about science. So much so that it’s been admittedly daunting to compile all that have arose from within. But i’m getting to it and it’ll make its way here soon and inevitably 🙂

Today I want to share what i learnt from Adyashanti, an awakened being, admired by my own guru, Amara.

This is about love and the relationships we have. And it really hit home for me because of my own reactions towards my past relationship. I know it’ll hit home for most of you out there too:


There is no such thing as falling in and out of love. If there’s real love, if there’s true love, then one doesn’t fall out of. There’s no such thing as out of. There’s into and out of infatuation. There’s no into and out of love.

That’s the problem a lot of people have. Life shows them it’s just time to move on. Just because there’s total love doesn’t mean you’re going to want to be married forever, live together forever and be best friends forever.

Sometimes life moves on anyway, even if there is love. The problem so many people have is not that they fall out of love, its that love is still there and its time for them to move on. And they’re pissed about it.

That’s why they have to pretend to be really angry, because its the only motivating force for them to do what existence wants them to do. They get really pissed of and it gives them the necessary force to push against, so they can get away from.

But unfortunately, this lie happens which is “I don’t love you anymore”. If you didn’t love anymore, why is it so difficult if you don’t love anymore? If you don’t love anymore, why isn’t it like just walking away from a brick wall? But most people, they do love. And therefore it’s hard because they’re pretending they don’t.

The more graceful way to go about is “I love you and I can’t live with you anymore”. And it has nothing to do with love, or the lack of love.

“I love you and it’s obvious not to be with you anymore”. It doesn’t mean the love has turned itself off. That’s just what people do with it, when its time for them to move on and their minds just can’t compute it. “How do i move on when i’m still in love?”.

Since they can’t compute it, they start manufacturing problems, anger, resentment, blame, all the rest. It doesn’t need to be that way. Not everybody does it that way, believe it or not.