As we grow spiritually we raise in vibrations because all things are vibrations. The table you’re using, examined at its sharpest form is merely a vibration happening. And as we raise in our vibrations I find that our food preferences changes. The reason why people who do yoga, people who meditate, people who do any of the likes often either turn vegetarian or eat cleaner food is not because they’ve become snobby. Far from that.

It is because their bodies are no longer tolerating food with lower vibrations, such as junk foods or fried food. It is not because they don’t want to eat it, but because their bodies are rejecting it. For 1.5 months now, my body finds itself feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled when i take in food that i used to in the past.

I find my body feeling off-balance and generally unhappy when i eat things like chips, cakes, microwave foods, frozen food, lots of meat. As if in some way the world have been shifting me towards cleaner food. I find myself being attracted to greens, to mushrooms, to fruits, to superfoods. Meat, chips and the likes slowly lost it’s attractiveness and pull on me.

At the supermarket instead of finding biscuits, snacks and candy in my basket I strangely find it replaced by items like blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwi, peaches, spinach, button mushrooms, golden mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, bags of natural nuts, rolled oats, chia seeds, raw cacao powder and alllll that swings that way. It is a strange feeling because in the past I did these in a decision of eating healthy. But now it isn’t a decision anymore, it feels like its the only choice.

It feels like i wouldn’t feel fulfilled unless i provided my body with these. So the cravings, the temptations for junk food have somehow, someway, just vanished functioning from that point. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any feelings of ‘superiority’ i used to have when i was a lot younger. Like “If i ate all these i’m better than other people who’re eating all that junk.” None of that nonsense. Ego seems to have faded away into the background. There is no better. There is only choice. We each make our own choices and live with the results of them.


In the past month there’s been many, many, many shifts going on. And the food seems to have shifted accordingly. And the universe have been supporting this shift. Silly inspirations of food to prepare springs spontaneously and at random. I used to bake and cook a lot but never had any of that spontaneous inspiration. Lately I find myself throwing things together from intuition and they turn out delicious (although looking like a mess). And in regards to my morning oats, my friend describes it as “It looks like something you find on the floor of a toilet at the back of a club”. Well at the start it did taste like that too but I kept on “upgrading” my oats until i’ve reached a satisfied point now. And perhaps you would like to try it the way I do it(like the first photo above):

1 cup rolled oats
1 tsp raw cacao powder (superfood)
1/4 tsp turmeric powder (superfood)
Handful blueberries
4 strawberries, sliced
Handful of natural nuts
1 Banana, sliced (on days when you feel like it)
1 Raw egg
Handful of Rocket Leaves/Romain Lettuce

You can boil your water and then cook your rolled oats. In regards to the raw egg, either stir it into the oats before you pour the boiling water or if you’re lazy like me, just add it while adding the other ingredients. Let your oats settle and cook for a few minutes while you prepare the other ingredients, then decorate the top with those ingredients before mixing everything into “What you find on the floor of…” It’s not going to be mindblowing delicious but the nutrition packed in that one bowl is spectacular 🙂 Thats largely my breakfast every morning with a cup of water filled with chia seeds.


In this clean eating i’ve unintentionally started learning a lot about the food that goes into my body. I’ve come to learn of superfoods like Chia Seeds, Raw Cacao powder and turmeric and it’s been real exciting. And Cayenne pepper is amazing for removing your cravings for junk foods and the likes. A must-have if you’re looking to lose fats. And especially rolled oats 🙂

Funny thing, this isn’t a diet. It’s become a way of life. A choice. And in this choice comes some “side effects”. I did not bother to continuously keep track of my weight because  I didn’t want to fall into attachment with my body but today I discovered in about 1.5 months I’ve lost about 5kg+. I did exercise along with these eating, but it came naturally. My body wanted to move, i just followed.


It isn’t about looking fit, it’s about being fit and healthy. I still eat meat every now and then when my body wants it. I eat ice cream when i want it. I eat chocolates when i want it. That’s the beauty of this, it isn’t a diet. I watch people on diets starving themselves and fighting their cravings with every fibre of their being and they’re so unhappy. I believe everything has a center of balance. Find yours in regards to your food intake. I’ll always say it’s okay to eat junk food when you feel like it, like you can never and should never try to take me away from my ice cream and chocolates but for some reason with the intake of clean food consistently, my cravings for them have almost went away entirely. I eat them on the rarest occasions but enjoy it thoroughly and freely when I do. Before you eat, make a decision and stay with it completely. When you eat, savor, taste, enjoy. It is ridiculous and silly to be eating a tub of ice cream and looking at it and going “oh god this is so sinful”. You become neither here nor there. Be at one place totally and fully. Otherwise don’t do it at all. As long as you have your exercise and generally choose to eat clean, your life is for living, eat your chocolates and ice cream as and when you like 🙂 I know I do.


For any of you who wants a knock-your-head off green smoothie that’s quite like the King of Green Smoothies. It’s brutal but enormously nutritious. Here’s what’s taught to me by Tom Woodfin:

Big handful of spinach
Handful of bean sprouts
1 tomato
Glug of raw apple cider vinegar w/ Mother (cloudy stuff)
Pinch cayenne pepper
Handful fruits (blueberries/strawberries/1 banana or however much you fancy)
Half a lemon juice
Pinch of naturally crystallized salt (e.g Himalaya Pink Salt)
Knob of Ginger
A spoonful of virgin coconut oil
Handful of wheat grass (When you want Detox)

Blend it all, hold your nose and gulp it down. Or savor it. A funny thing about our taste buds is that if you’re quite like the average eater, your tastes buds are pretty numb by now. They’ve been barraged by the huge amounts of seasonings that goes into the usual food and all that junk from your chips and such. Thats why you always want something that tastes stronger. And this is why people get a taste of something like a green smoothie and they curse and swear and never ever try it again. You need to let your tongue acclimatise first. And depending on how long you’ve been eating junk, it’s going to take awhile. For some a few days, for others weeks and others more. But once you start taking in clean food, your taste buds will return to where it once was, gentle. And you’re going to start tasting myriads of flavor from tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetables, fruits like you’ve never had before. And you’ll find them more palatable and even yummy.

My body have been feeling a ton brighter, lighter and everything clearer. And there’s always a great source of nutrition that seems to be repairing my body from the exercises at warp speed. Generally i’ve been feeling more vibrant, the same way our emotions show up on our faces, the clean food is resonating through me.

Let go of attachments to the body, let it be. Eat, exercise, rest and everything else will follow as a byproduct. While we’re all getting into great shape, know that it is just a body, it is not who we are. And be free from the attachment. Because with ego-attachment, we become paranoid. We start panicking when we gain a little weight, we start panicking and feel a sense of loss if our body starts losing shape again. So be free brothers and sisters 🙂


If you are looking for a way to make good amazing use of rosemary, you need to look at this incomprehensibly delicious rosemary beer bread. It’s been a few years now and I haven’t had the courage to stop baking it. I don’t enjoy beer but the bitter taste disappears leaving a divine fragrance of the beer( I use and recommend Heineken). Not only is it incredibly delicious it is ridiculously easy, no leavening, no nothing. The way i like it. Just mix everything together and bake right away.

As if the bread wasn’t tempting enough to get everyone off their diet or whatnot, wait till you see these melty salted caramel brownies by my number 1 favorite food-site to go to. This is the only thing that’s going to bring me out of my clean eating so far, and it’s a race against time to bake them. The faster we discover them, the faster our pursuit of happiness ends. I guess.

And of course with delicious food we have to have some music! These bad-boys have been keeping me up all night and hours after hours would go by without notice. It’s ignited so much joy in music creation and i can’t wait to start my songwriting. There’s something about playing the musical instruments that reconnects you back deep into your heart. Every time I play, i feel like I fall into a deep celebration expressed through the song and voice. Time after time i catch myself in awe, at how music can be created through just a few strings and a wooden ‘box’. What a gift from the universe 🙂