Beautiful evening, view from my room always such a surprising treat.

So many doors have been opening ever since the final closure of that door with my previous partner nearly 2 weeks ago and it’s put me into great gratitude.

It’s been a very…very……VERY intense week. A pretty long time ago during one of the toughest moments of my Life, a peaceful warrior opened up my eyes and ultimately led me to a phenomenal release of pent up emotions when i was down and lost. He was one of the main pillar that kept me afloat. And in our meeting, for the first time I was empty and quiet enough to feel my soul and spirit putting their arms around me and a huge sense of comfort and assurance swept over me. “All is well” it seemed to say. And last weekend I had the pleasure to host that man, Tom Woodfin.


For 2 days we traveled everywhere in Singapore back and forth catching up with mutual friends and during whatever downtime we had, Tom generously did inner works with me. Clearing old pent-up emotions and building the Inner Warrior.


We went to the holistic fair on a Sunday at Haji Lane and you can imagine how pleasant it is to ‘bump’ into friends there constantly one after another all the way until we left. Tom was sharing about a man named Lux who kickstarted off his spiritual journey and everyone were talking about him. I was at a stand-still and waiting for a little guidance on what paths I should take next, and here comes Lux. It felt like I should meet him and do a private inner working session with him, but I had one obstacle: funds. Lux was also leaving in a few days time and there was an urgency. I understood that if i’m meant to meet him, the universe will pave the way. And it did. With the grace and love from the universe, 2 sponsors came up and paid off 3/4 for me. I am deeply, deeply touched. As if it the act of kindness wasn’t enough, one filled my heart with so much gratitude by telling me “There’s something about you Andrik, that the world wants to see you succeed, the people around you feel compelled to help propel you onward”. Angels all around me, I hold deep gratitude and I’ll pay it forward.


This was taken after the session. I went through catharsis, felt emotions at the extreme ends of the spectrum from one moment to the other. Crying to laughter to grief to joy. And after the lengthy, immense releasing was done, it is followed by a period called the “Downloading Period”. This is perhaps the creme de la creme. It’s like a downloading of information from your soul, or a remembrance. So much was going on. From what I consciously remember, I went on a journey.

I saw myself traveling in light, standing up, with palms opened facing above with elbows bent. And it felt like I had traveled a long, long way to get to Earth. And once I came to Earth, my arms opened wide in loving arrival and embrace. Light was shining out brightly from me to encompass Earth. And at that moment, I came into remembering from my soul that my entire purpose here on earth was a mission to open hearts and inner doors of people here by example, by living openly, unashamedly humanly. Tears flowed in this remembering and my soul pat my shoulders and said “Now you remember”. Worries of what I’m going to work as in the future and money worries for my family dissolved into the knowing that “As long as I spent my work and life in service, I will always be fulfilled, content and be provided for.”

Few months ago I did sound healing with Shervin Boloorian, and in the midst of that a vision of a seated man came to me. I was told to draw it out because that is a guide. I did and I forgot about it. Until now. In the midst of the session, tears flowed because it became apparent that, that guide was Lux. He was meant to open a big door within, which will open many, many doors in the future. Everything’s so much clearer now.

Visions or no visions, ultimately it doesn’t matter. We stay unattached, undistracted. We learn what we’re meant to and let it all go.


In exactly 12 days time i’d be here in the mountains for 2 days visiting a dear friend and then it’s off to Ubud for a day of exploration followed by the Bali Spirit Festival with thousands and thousands of people all around the world coming together for one purpose: The Unity of Hearts. 5 days of yoga, green food, meditation and lots of singing and dancing from the heart. And the last day spent with a special friend for inner workings. Soulful retreat at the right time, right place on Earth. Grateful and blessed, so many teachers around me.


I almost didn’t turn up for meditation tonight. But now i can see why i felt compelled to turn up in the end. The wonderful thing about our weekly Tuesday meditation is a different experience each time. Just when we expect it to turn out in a certain way, it goes at a different angle. Never a dull moment, never predicted experiences. A space to come and be, always full of love and a return to the heart space. On 8th of January this year i met Chelsea for the first time briefly at Satsanga and she left a warm, deep, lasting impression on me. Between then and now we kept missing each other but tonight with grace we had the chance to connect again and it was divinely heartwarming. Here’s what she brought up within me:

“When I look at you, I feel like I’ve come home. My heart and soul sings and celebrates in quiet joy. When I look at you I see all the caring tenderness of the universe through your eyes. I’m grateful to meet the brothers and sisters of the community but I’m especially grateful for the rare meetings we have and feel extremely blessed. It feels strongly, that your very presence and wonderful existence here on Earth at this time is a reminder for me of the Love we came from, the Love that we are. In the moments of connecting with you, everything false seems to melt away. And I can just fully be. You create that wonderful space. Your presence so unassuming and a quiet strength shines through you, liberating and lighting everyone’s light, whether they feel it consciously or not. Chelsea dear sister of the world, you are a grand gift to the world. My heart is very full tonight. Thank you <3”

People don’t just appear around us for no reason. Everything and everyone that we see in our Life right now are what we need in order to grow the most. When we start looking, we start seeing. Let us always stay in lovingness dear one. There’s so much to come!