“You are born with a tremendous possibility of intelligence. You are born with a light within you. Listen to the still, small voice within, and that will guide you. Nobody else can guide you, nobody else can become a model for your life, because you are unique. Nobody has there ever been who was exactly like you, and nobody is ever going to be there again who will be exactly like you. This is your glory, your grandeur ~ that you are utterly irreplaceable, that you are just yourself and nobody else” -Rumi

I was chatting with a friend and unintentionally my reply to her became a post for this because it served well as an important reminder to myself:

-In relation to the previous post-

“There are moments, though fleeting, that come out of nowhere that makes me feel that pinch of sadness. I have had to immediately feel my heart and go within to ensure i stay in my heart space and through that connection with all, remind myself that we are in all and all is One. It feels so easy to be angry, to hate, to be jealous. But it isn’t who we are. A part of me wants to be angry, to hate, to create drama, to create upset, to punch something, to scream, to shout. But every single time i go past that part of me I find an infinitely stronger, bigger, warmer, loving presence that is. Every single time. And this me, that is a part of all, simply loves. This me, puts his arms around me and cuddles me. I am safe. And to whichever small part of you that may be hurting, this part of me, will now reach out, and cuddle you warmly, dear sister. Thank you for reminding me of this me, tears of joy of this deep remembering flows.

It is with this deep undisturbed me, that resonates hope, peace, joy and love. That reminds me to care for all and to celebrate everyone’s love. All is well. I am grateful to you.”

And I know like all things, these feelings need time and repetition to cement. But once cemented, no one and nothing can take it away. In your times of challenge, on some days you feel like you do well and on others not so much. Fret not, it isn’t because you are disillusioned. It is simply because there is an eternal tug of war within us, the untruth (ego) and our truth. And it takes repeated moments until one side cements. The wonderful thing is that you get to pick which side does. You always have a choice.

Same to you, that part of me, that is in all, extends over to whichever small part of you that is hurting, and cuddles you warmly, dear brothers and sisters of the world. You are safe and all is well 🙂

Ego = Edging God Out. God belongs to no religion. All are pathways to God, to within.