Feel a need to write tonight. Also feel like turning in since i have to wake in 4 hours but felt that i had to get this written. I named this site its name to serve as a constant reminder to myself not to vet through on what should be posted and what shouldn’t. And to let it serve purely as a channel for release, expression, thoughts and hopefully to let its honesty and humanness to serve as an opening for the dear reader, you. Sometimes an uncomfortable initial feeling arises but it’s more important for unabashed openness to be present.

Perhaps the title will be more aptly named as “The Ego’s jealousy and fear disguise”. Today i am deeply reminded of my learning when it comes to pure love. At my darkest times a dearest being once told me “You have to keep sending her love and well wishes quietly through your heart regardless of what ensues.” The tougher things feel and become, the more love i need to expand. All else is insanity. All else creates insanity. Anything else will spawn actions and feelings out from jealousy and fear. Anything else will create more closure of the heart rather than openness. Doing anything else neither serves her, me nor the world.

You see, everyone experiences a point where the partner they used to be with and shared a deep love with, becomes a part of someone else’s life. And today out of nowhere that mental imagery struck me. I’ve mentally prepared for this before, to make peace with, but today was obvious that i needed a reminder in the expansion of pure love. My initial emotion was dread. But almost immediately it felt as though i was lifted from something deeper, more powerful within and received a firm reminder of Amber’s advice.


Right away the dread seemed to move to the sidelines and there was a growing sense of expansion within. I closed my eyes and let ego dissolve away, along with all the fear, jealousy and dread. I felt and sent love, acceptance, understanding and most importantly, well-wishes from the heart with every fiber of my being. A voice from deep within came up and said aloud, “We are all one. You are a part of her, she is a part of you. You are also a part of him and he is a part of you. There is no separation. There is no other. Relationships are meant to be lessons. People are brought together with the highest learning and when they’ve reached the most they can learn from one another they part. But relationships are eternal. The parting itself is a lesson, if not one of the most important. The physical separation, the parting, is one of the greatest lesson in pure love. So embrace, learn and remember the lessons from this particular relationship. Both have done well. The relationship has served its purpose. Now the best possible thing is for her happiness. Her joy to flourish and blossom so others are touched by it. When she comes to be a part of someone else’s life, then be reminded that that’s her next point of learning, designated by the universe’s intelligence. That is the point where she can grow and learn from the most at that moment. So send your love and well-wishes for both of them to be happy. For him to be filled with joy. That is the only ‘sane’ way. That is the only true way from the heart. Because all are brothers and sisters of the world. You were not less before. No one was less before. Neither has lost any part of who they are. In fact, a deeper part of us is uncovered, unveiled because of the relationship. All is well.” I was flooded with peace, love and understanding as i sent the same from the heart and mentally pictured her being filled with light, love and joy at the same time. Like a prayer. I’m at peace.

That is the only way the universe will embrace. As we move ahead, we realize the universe will tolerate negativity less and less. And those who live in negativity in recent coming times find themselves having an increasingly difficult time. The world gives what you give.


I recognize that we are all here on Earth for a purpose of our learning for our unfolding of our hearts and to expand it out. Everything we have ever experienced have been meant to be moments for us to learn pure love. To learn that which we came from, and that which we are deep within. We aren’t human beings having a soul but souls have a human experience by conscious choice.

That is why we came into the world so open and loving. And over the years we shut down to survive. And our entire lives are spent uncovering ourselves, layer by layer, back to before.

Remember who you are. You are before. You are love.