“If we talk to anyone, or see anyone, or even think of anyone, then we have the opportunity to bring more love into the universe.”
-Marianne Williamson

In the midst of a camp duty i had my notebook and trusty pen and started to write:

Every single challenges and situations given to us from birth to now have always been a lesson about pure love. We exists as love and thus pure love also means love for self. Love for self is eternally proportionate to love for the world. Because we are all of the same center, there is no separation. By loving ourselves we automatically expand that love to others. There will be no harsh violet “wrong doing” because of the automatic realization that others are all brothers and sisters.

What we do onto others, we automatically do onto ourselves. Extending an act of kindness automatically returns that extension of kindness to ourselves. This does not necessarily point at a future act of kindness that will come our way but the meaning of it lies in the truth that when we extend kindness, we are being kind on ourselves. The moment’s loving kindness ensures that in that moment that is what we experience and feel within. It heals not just the other but its positivity immediately fills and heals ourselves.


We cannot give what we do not have. To be loving, kind and compassionate towards someone must mean that we carry that within us. An extension of kindness also reminds us of whats real and important and whats trivial things disguised as important. Extending an act of kindness also reminds us to be kind, gentle and patient towards ourselves. By touching the world we touch ourselves and by touching ourselves we touch the world. Thus, what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

A way then, into being more self-loving, is to be loving and accepting towards others. Your love and light will rekindle theirs and they will return the same, helping your light and love to magnify and shine brighter than before.

Let your light and love shine, as an unabashed human being.