All of us need to recognize and realize that we and we alone have absolute, complete reign and control of our emotions. We have the sole power to change how we feel and decide how we feel at anytime anywhere.

We don’t hope to be in state. We demand it. The time is now to recognize that and hold ourselves 100% accountable and responsible. We as people need to stop giving our power away. We need to realize the power we have and stop walking through life half-owning ourselves. We can walk into any situation and change the entire surrounding’s energy. The way we carry ourselves and allow ourselves to feel is shaping and teaching everyone in our immediate surrounding how to treat us.


Emotions follow body. Spend 5 minutes smiling the widest possible and it would be impossible to not feel happier than before. So what that means is that we can create a state. By choice and choice alone we can bring ourselves from the darkest depths to the brightest light. But most people won’t do it. Most people won’t do it because they fail to recognize or even refuse that they have the ability and control to do that. Most won’t do it because they may feel its fake. Most won’t do it because it seems easier to rely on external things such a computer games or the television. Most won’t do it because they are blinded by ego. The ego thrives on negative emotions. The more intense the better.

Now is no longer the time to half-ass anything and walk around, half-awake. There are a specific group of people who seem to take up more space, exude more presence in a room than everyone else. These people seem to be broader, taller and a powerful vibe emanates from them. They breathe deep down the front and put themselves into their surroundings rather than just existing in that room. These people seem to be completely at ease with themselves. They speak with appropriate pauses and they elevate the spirits of anyone they come across. Thats what being fully awake does.


Now is the time to awake and penetrate the world and your partner fully, lovingly, passionately and compassionately. Deliver personal powerful incantations, speaking with heart and body. Start paying attention to how you are feeling at every given moment, at this moment now. And if you aren’t in a state of certainty, create it. Demand it. Take control. Breathe deep. Own who you are. Say what you want, do what you want. And take whatever comes bravely. When you do that, you give everyone else around you permission to do the same.

This is your life, one passing moment at a time. Make it the greatest.