Tonight we had the most wonderful opportunity to meet and sing with Australia’s most acclaimed Kirtan singers Edo & Jo.

Tonight from Edo&Jo’s singing, I completely returned to the source, to the universe, to God, to Divine for those moments. And I am deeply reminded and touched of how much the universe loves us and how infinite the amount of love is stored within us, as us. Love for self=love for all. The power and light we have within us should be choose to realize, recognize and expand.

I’ve been with my spiritual family for over a year now. All are teachers. Their light rekindles mine. Their pure love and openness helped my heart to open wide, to exist in love. They help me to shine, teach me how to be love, teach me how to love. In their own special little way they guide me on my path. They remind me of all i can be. They remind me of all that i am. All that we all are. The beauty of our humanness. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

A beautiful, beautiful penetrating message from Guru to Edo&Jo that helped with their marriage: “You have to start looking at her as divine, as guru. Whenever any tension arises, its all from divine, from guru, don’t think its from the other, there’s no other. What comes through me is from divine, from guru. What comes from her is from divine, from guru. When you start to get frustrated or angry you realize that there’s no separation, there’s no duality, there’s no other in front of you. The more that we love ourselves the more we can actually love anything and everything.”

My heart is full and my soul is warm. I pray for the same for you, dear one. You are wonderful.