“Mr Elephant was always meant to be with you, Your elephant spirit guide is finally reunited. I will miss him but I told him to take good care of you, heal you and help you grow. There is so much love and gratitude in this photo its a blessing to witness. Thanks for the memories Andrik, thank you for helping me give!”


Dearest friend of mine is parting with everything she and her husband owns leaving two backpacks to their name and traveling the world. Immensely inspirational. And this means more than a painting to me.

They’ve a beautiful place next to town and one of the most healing, peaceful, serene home i’ve ever stepped into. Thoughtfully decorated from the heart, every step taken generates a new sense of wonder. Paintings, colorful furry floor mats, crystals, chimes, plants grown out of empty gorgeous snail shells hanging off the wall, potted plants, organic everything, organic floor tilings..(no not really), enormous, soulful painting of forest trees with sunlight beaming through hung in the living room, rainbow carpet, everything just placed at the right spot in the right amount, all positioned so harmoniously; never contrasting too much or contradicting one another. Just absolute, beautiful harmony.

And the very first time i stood face to face with the elephant painting i was beyond overwhelmed. I felt so much love, gentleness, compassion pouring out from the elephant and everything else just froze in time and faded away into the background. My eyes got watery and i must have stood there forever. And now he’s hanging above my bed. Watching over.

So much love and giving have been demonstrated tonight, my heart is very very full. I deeply feel like there is a lesson to be learnt and the elephant is a strong reminder to it. As if this wasn’t enough, i was given my free-pick at their extensive bookshelf for all the lessons they learnt along their spiritual journey of life and now have enough books for 2013!

Those who are to meet, will meet. Every single person a teacher, some angels. No meeting are accidental. All they asked for, was that i pay it forward in kindness and love, how incredible.

❤ very, very full. Thank you divine universe 🙂