“When you bring the past into the present, you create a future like the past.” Marianne Williamson.

I find myself between moments feeling flashes of painful emotions harbored deep within, scratching subtly. Like the scratch of a beetle crawling on the back of your neck. So subtle, so quiet, but it needs to be swept off or it’ll keep doing that all day, creating more self-destructive wounds.

Occasionally I find myself bringing wounds from the past into the present and mistaking it for the present. In doing so, i create the future like the past. Many of us walk around carrying a heavy weight in our hearts. We could be doing anything else, working, in a business meeting, going out, and we would be lugging that tangled net of wound in our hearts. Sure, the present moment’s activities can and usually do take us away from that tangled net but when all activities subside and when silence descends so often does the net resurfaces, making its presence quiet but firm. Folding the net doesn’t help. We need to cut it off and let it drop into the ocean.

Ocean storm

The ocean is our sea of consciousness. It comes from being in our heart space, being honest to what we’re feeling and being okay with it. Accepting how we feel without being angry at ourselves are the first step to release. Rather than go further away from how we feel by picking up a distraction like a movie or television, we dive into our wound, our bag of emotion and embrace it- with kindness and openness. Just as only when dark is brought to light it is dissolved, our wounds will only be healed when we shine the totality of awareness on it. We feel our wounds surface and expand within us into our entire being and embrace that. It’s okay. You’re okay. Inevitably our inner divine light of consciousness which exists in each and everyone of us, shines through to all, healing us of our wounds. That doesn’t mean the wound will never reopen, the human condition is addicted to wounds. But we go moment to moment, day to day, week to week, and with each release and with rising awareness our wounds get smaller and smaller, vanishes, and replaced by self-love and acceptance of our humanity.


A passage once came my way at the right time, right place and helped tremendously:

“There is goodness in this moment. Accept it, embrace it and enlarge it.

There is undisturbed peace deep within you. Feel it, express it, and put its powerful, profound energy to use.

There is a purpose to your life in this moment, on this day. Connect your awareness to that authentic purpose and bring it to life with your actions.

The beauty of being is in you and all around you. See that beauty in everything you encounter and let it bring you joy.

There are positive and meaningful possibilities in every situation. Enrich your life and your world by working to fulfill and expand these possibilities.

There is great wonder and magnificence in all that is. Live the wonder, and be more lovingly magnificent with each passing moment.”
-Ralph Marston

Om Namah Shivaya,
I honor the divinity within me.