Been wanting to play music for a long time but the time is ripe. For the past year i harboured intentions to host Kirtan sessions for my meditation community but there was never a strong enough pushing force, until a very, very dear friend of mine sent me a recorded clip of her creation late one night. I wish i could upload it but its in M4A format and i’m a complete IT-Idiot. Her lyrics goes:

“I am here,
Where there is fear, i will hold your heart,
Where there is doubt, i will wait with you,
Where there is hurt, i will keep you close,
Cause you are in me, as i am in you.”

The mellowness and harmony of her voice and ukelele was divine. So much warmth, so much love. And most of all, it came at the right time.

Armed with just her uke and iPhone for recording i get ever-sweet songs and a voice went off in my heart “Yup, i’m gonna get one.” So i did! Maestro Acoustic, absolutely divine sounds and wonderful wood work. I signed up with JamPlay for a year to learn all i can and when the time is right I can’t wait to host Kirtans and create my own little treats of heart-openers just like her.

It’s been 12 days since my post of “Jammed Roadblock” but the decision to get my act together again changed everything. Every single thing fell into place, moment after moment, matter after matter, my heart is extremely full. More, and more teachers came into my life and acts of kindness flowed my way. I’m grateful and blessed.

A dear couple sent me a Facebook message that said they’re selling every single thing in their name leaving just two backpacks and going to travel around the world. They’re certified mentors and teach some intense heart-opening courses plus the wife’s a certified green-food chef and many learn from them. They have a massive enriching bookshelf filled with self-enrichment, spirituality, love and kindess books and in their words “We’d be more than happy to have you come take your pick and we expect no monetary exchange so long as you pay it forward in kindness to others”. These are two incredible people who are some of the most loving and understanding people i’ve ever come across and what they have on their bookshelf, are very selective and pure gold. Real paintings have soul and they have a painting of an elephant with the most compassionate eyes that looks through you and warms you up, i’ll post that up once i receive. Incredible.
My business team is coming together well and seeds sowed in the past are all sprouting. Was introduced to a genuine healing lama and its absolute excruciating pain like nothing i’ve ever been through before and almost everyone yells but my chronic back injury will finally recover for good once and for all. And through him i had the grace to be introduced to a renowned Taiji master who comes closely-taught by Grand Master Wu from the real family lineage of Wu Taiji and in the weekend will be my first lesson. I saw plenty of his mind-blowing videos on youtube and i can only imagine the things i’ll come to learn. Nothing like i’ve ever witnessed in Taiji before.


Meditation teacher, dearest friend, and one of my greatest angels in my life is finally returning from a month of learning healing arts in India. Boy do we all miss her immensely. Right at her returning we’ll have the amazing opportunity to meet and sing with Australia’s Acclaimed EdoAndJo (http://www.edoandjo.com/Home.html) It’d be nothing short of an incredible evening.


So many things, such precious time on Earth.