Just noticed that for the past month I’ve been feeling very different and being very different. I’ve always showed a lot of compassion and kindness for people in my immediate surrounding and extended gestures of warmth and love to kindle someone’s day. Sometimes even to a fault.

I hum tunes to myself when i’m alone, sometimes do a little skip, explode in sudden dances and expand gratitude from my heart. I was almost always feeling happy. But one month back things took a different turn. I became and did lesser of everything. I became more shut off. Easily irritable. I became tired more often. I wasn’t as open and wasn’t as loving anymore. I felt real low on some days and mellow on others. The joy wasn’t expanding outwards as much.

And then i remembered reading an article a year ago. It informed of the coming times. It informed that the closer we get to 21 Dec 2012, the more volatile things become. And in these period of times many people will undergo enormous change. And many people will feel more emotions than usual. And i started reading more and more popular writers who’re undergoing the same thing during this period of time. I got it now. It’s all the dark before the light.

“Apocalypse” is a word that have been feared by many. They all relate it to Doomsday. But it couldn’t be more different. “Apocalypse” properly translated from Greek, have always meant ‘the uncovering’, ‘lifting of the veil’, ‘disclosure of knowledge’. Indeed, 21 Dec 2012 is the end of the world. But people forget the few words after it. It is the end of the world as we know it. A new beginning will come. People believe the Golden Age is emerging. It also explains why in the recent years more books on Consciousness, Awakening and the works have been published and more and more people are awakening from their slumber.

Of course, we could all be wrong. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how we live moment to moment. How much love we expand. I’ve noticed that in just this one year 2012 alone, i’ve experienced almost a lifetime. In this year alone I have felt, seen, experienced more than the other 21 years of my life combined. It has been an enormously intense year, i’ve had the highest peaks and the deepest troughs. Days when everything went immensely smooth and bursting with happiness and days that goes to the darkest corners of humanity. It have been filled with love, hurt, bliss, pain, joy, suffering, compassion, kindness, tears. It have been rewarding and enlightening beyond belief. I’ve met the most incredible people and met with the darkest sides. I have had to deal with both. I’ve come to learn more in this year alone about the Universe and Life than all 21 years combined. And in this year alone my purpose here have been made clearer than ever with every single passing experience. I hold gratitude in my heart to all who’ve crossed paths with me, each and everyone of you were a teacher. Thank you for being who you really are.

I’m slowly beginning to return to my real ‘self’. Loving, compassionate, kind. It’s all returning to me again. I’m excited for 21 Dec 2012, it marks a milestone for the consciousness of humanity. I pray for love and light to surround you always.