Connected with these cymbals so much, they’re very carefully handpicked by Maitreya from Dharamsala and kept with him throughout his journey in India. They produce an unexplainable high pitch resounding waves of sound that penetrates every cell and instantly connects you to your truth. Glad i got them.

Tonight’s meditation evening ended with these words that resonated deep within me:

Mother Earth i return to you,
Let me be the peace i want to see,
Let me be the love i want to feel,
Let me be the joy i want to experience.

Before the evening started I had such deep longing to see my ex-girlfriend tonight. I deeply miss her angelic presence, the way she smiles, the way she is. During the evening my frustrated longing dissolved. A knowing within said it wasn’t the right time, the moment will come, but not yet. The evening ended with mentor saying the 3 sentences excluding “Mother Earth i return to you” but i felt such deep gratitude i had to kneel and touch my forehead  to the floor and i muttered “Mother Earth i return to you” and felt all the love and gratitude extend out from me into Mother Earth.

It resonated so deeply I know i’m going to have it inked onto my right inner arm. Now i can have excuses to show people my armpit, i suppose. My friend have a big book of birthday and the enormous book had every single day of every single month mapped out in full detailed explanation of how a person is when they’re born on a date. It’s wildly accurate too and mine said something along the lines of “Has a great love for words and values words highly”. It’s no wonder i’ve always felt so much for great quotes and ever since young I always had a fetish for scribbling them all over my walls. And my fetish and resonance with words goes a leap above my friends. I’ve always wanted to experience ink but never a picture or a portrait, always words. But only words that resonate so deep within that i cannot deny it.

My heart area will say “Divine Universe, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love, kindness and strength.” At the rate phrases are popping up from deep within, by the first time i actually get inked i’d likely have them at several places, laughable!

Whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, know this: You are more wonderful than you think. And you’re needed here, and all of us have to go through trials and tribulations and the highest peaks to get to become who we’re meant to be. I know it’s not always easy and some days it’s doom and gloom and you feel so lost. But guess what, I do too, we do too. Allow yourself to be and just breathe. Let’s be unabashedly human. You’re already beautiful.